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Knyga anglų kalba Grounded - tai leidinys kiekvienam kavos mylėtojui apie kavos ruošimą namuose.

The authors – both renown in the world of coffee – have a knack for presenting the complex subject of brewing coffee in a simple and accessible way. Thanks to prioritizing tools and ingredients readers can easily choose methods and equipment that best suit their preferences.

Alford and Eggert are not oblivious to the fact that the perfect coffee is much more than just shiny gadgets and trinkets. It is, in fact, primarily high-quality beans and perfect water that make that ideal cup. The equipment itself, although widely described, is definitely secondary.

The book will give you a description of all pour-over brewing methods, together with their advantages and disadvantages. The authors have mindfully included a set of step-by-step recipes as well, making brewing even easier for their readers. The passion Alford and Eggert have for coffee is clearly visible and highly contagious. It will surely inspire many to experiment with different brewing methods. Who knows what will they discover on the fascinating journey of home coffee brewing!

Knyga apie kavą Grounded

Knyga apie kavą anglų kalba Grounded: Gregory Alford, Steven Eggert
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  • Autorius: Gregory Alford ir Steven Eggert
  • Kalba: Anglų
  • Puslapių skaičius: 131

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